Talk Safe, Plan Safe

This empowering, content-rich training provides delegates with a deeper understanding of the many factors that can contribute to suicide risk, and explores how you might provide effective support through solution focused conversation and safe plans, to help those in need.

This session will support you in creating compassionate, suicide-aware communities, where reaching out for help is met with understanding, and reaching in is done with confidence.

Talk explores:

  • unravelling the complexities delegates will consider some of the reasons why suicide can feel so complex and why we struggle to significantly reduce the number of people with suicidal behaviours, despite all our efforts. Delegates will gain valuable insights about the nature of suicide and those who may experience suicidal ideation, surfacing some of the false assumptions that may exist and dispelling common misconceptions that can get in the way of effective intervention.
  • navigating support barriers this session examines the key themes of suicide prevention, shedding light on who might be at higher risk and some of the underlying reasons behind their vulnerability. Our expert trainers will explore the real-life obstacles that can get in the way of asking for help and what might prevent others from having life-saving conversations. Delegates will explore how language can help or hinder, identifying phrases that can reinforce barriers or stigma as well as more helpful terms and phrases to use when discussing suicide.
  • compassionate conversations using real case studies, delegates will consider the power of compassionate, solution-focused dialogue and how these proven techniques can be adopted by anyone to make a meaningful difference.

Delegates will:

  • leave with an enhanced understanding of what can lead someone to suicidal crisis as well as a deeper awareness of the complexities and contradictions within suicide prevention

  • gain more confidence to start potentially life-saving conversations

  • understand the significance of Safe Plans and Prescription Safe Plans as essential tools for supporting distressed individuals to stay safe for now.

Additional information:

  • Duration: 2.5 hours
  • Delivery: Online
  • Qualification: Certificate of Attendance

  • Age requirement: 17 yrs +


  • open training- Please contribute at your own comfort level, fully funded tickets are also available

  • in-house training – fee available on request


Whilst every effort will be made to discuss these topics sensitively and ethically, the subject matter could potentially cause distress. Please consider if you currently feel ready to attend this talk. By attending the event, you agree that you understand that this is a talk (not therapy) and you feel ready to learn more.

We value and appreciate our incredibly diverse audiences who always come with a range of opinions, emotions, experiences and knowledge. To ensure that our online environment remains supportive, we work hard to provide a respectful environment, sensitive to the range of views in the room.

Here at OLLIE, we understand that sometimes you may prefer to join our session anonymously and that’s fine by us. You are more than welcome to have your camera off and audio muted throughout, freeing you up to move around, eat or simply relax whilst we guide you through the session.

If you book a ticket and then are unexpectedly unable to attend this event, even at the very last minute, please do let us know before the session, either by returning to the eventbrite link in your confirmation email or by emailing

Please be aware, we require a minimum number of delegates for each of our online sessions in order to run these effectively, if we are unable to obtain the minimum number 24 hours prior, you may be informed of the course’s postponement and will be given the option to transfer onto the next available course.

I am so grateful for this training for helping me and my son at this traumatic time. You have given me ‘permission’ to talk to my son about suicide. Now that we can talk, I feel more in control and I’m in a far better position to support him.
Some useful resources I wasn’t aware of ( Suicidal thoughts workbook which I ordered almost immediately) and the symptoms of depression change with olfactory function report which I found really fascinating. Also found the relaxed manner in which Debi presented the course, very calming and reassuring, really excellent, thank you, was very much worth the time.
The presenting style was excellent, not awkward in the slightest which can sometimes happen on Zoom, also very compassionate as it can be an emotive subject. So informative and inspiring. Great pace too.
As a counsellor, this course actually surpassed my expectations due to the authenticity of the presenter. The level of knowledge and understanding and the clarity of information given was excellent. I would recommend this talk to everyone but those in education and healthcare particularly.
My key takeaway was the ‘invitations to be curious’ rather than ‘signs’. I’ve also never realised that some of the language I was using could be considered unsupportive.
I will look more closely for signs amongst colleagues, family and friends, and be grateful that I could possibly make a difference with the knowledge gained.
I would not change anything about this session, it has given me a lot to think about, very well presented and lots of very useful information. I didn’t know how or where to start before now.
So much misinformation, myths dispelled and stats, learning and strategies to help the men and boys in my life.
It was so enlightening. Just wish I’d done it two years ago.

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