Talk Safe

Talk Safe is a valuable suicide awareness session that explores the nature of suicide, equipping delegates with a deeper understanding of the range of suicide risk factors that can exist.

Talk explores:

  • breaking down barriers delegates will consider both the barriers that can get in the way of seeking help and the obstacles that often prevent good people from reaching in and offering support. By exposing any false assumptions on which these barriers are built, delegates will be better able and prepared to offer vital support.
  • empowering language language plays a crucial role in shaping our perceptions and reinforcing stigma. Talk Safe explores the language we use in relation to suicide and if any words and phrases are more or less helpful, and which may even inadvertently create barriers and unhelpful biases. Delegates will consider appropriate and compassionate language that supports a stigma-free environment, when talking about despair and suicide.
  • understanding risk factors delegates will gain insights into some of the risk factors that can contribute to suicidal ideation and behaviours, such that they are better able to recognise when there may be concerns.

Talk Safe is a standalone, comprehensive awareness session but also serves as an invaluable foundation for anyone interested in learning how to use a Safe Plan or Prescription Safe Plan.

Delegates will:

  • leave with an enhanced understanding of what can lead someone to suicidal crisis as well as a deeper awareness of the complexities and contradictions within suicide prevention

  • have a wider understanding of language that supports and language that gets in the way

  • feel more confident to talk about suicide with others.

Additional information:

  • Duration: 2 hours
  • Delivery: Online
  • Qualification: certificate of Attendance
  • Age requirement: 17 yrs +


  • open training – Please contribute at your own comfort level, fully funded tickets are also available.

  • in-house training – fee available on request


Whilst every effort will be made to discuss these topics sensitively and ethically, the subject matter could potentially cause distress. Please consider if you currently feel ready to attend this talk. By attending the event, you agree that you understand that this is a talk (not therapy) and you feel ready to learn more.

We value and appreciate our incredibly diverse audiences who always come with a range of opinions, emotions, experiences and knowledge. To ensure that our online environment remains supportive, we work hard to provide a respectful environment, sensitive to the range of views in the room.

Here at OLLIE, we understand that sometimes you may prefer to join our session anonymously and that’s fine by us. You are more than welcome to have your camera off and audio muted throughout, freeing you up to move around, eat or simply relax whilst we guide you through the session.

If you book a ticket and then are unexpectedly unable to attend this event, even at the very last minute, please do let us know before the session, either by returning to the eventbrite link in your confirmation email or by emailing

Please be aware, we require a minimum number of delegates for each of our online sessions in order to run these effectively, if we are unable to obtain the minimum number 24 hours prior, you may be informed of the course’s postponement and will be given the option to transfer onto the next available course.

I have taken note of several quotes that I think are very thought provoking. The images helped show things to a neurodivergent mind who may not take in the verbal or written alone. A lot of practical advice and resources.
Having been a mental health carer for many years I forget that other people not diagnosed with a mental health illness get suicide ideations
I discovered how to use appropriate language around suicide, how to ask somebody if they are considering ending their life and how to support them with strategies such as a safe plan.

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