Choosing OLLIE as your Charity of the Year or forging strategic partnerships sustains our community-focused efforts. Benefit from tailored training and resources supporting colleague well-being and enhancing CSR/EAP policies, aligning with your individual business needs.

Is your company focused on cultivating a positive work environment? OLLIE has the expertise to tailor bespoke training solutions to meet the unique needs of your business. Targeted programmes in mindfulness, goal setting, and comprehensive training in suicide intervention and prevention, enhance workplace well-being and underpin Employee Assistance Programmes (EAP) and Corporate Social Responsibility policies (CSR).

Support for businesses

Need help now?

If you believe someone you work with is in crisis or feeling suicidal get emergency help here.

If you have concerns about someone’s well-being or behaviour and feel they are at risk of harming themselves, OLLIE’s resources in our Help and Advice section can guide you through a supportive and sensitive conversation to ensure those you are supporting are safe for now. If you are short of time, take a look at our FAQs to share how to have a potentially life-saving conversation.

During office hours, and if there isn’t an immediate threat to life, there is usually someone at OLLIE you can call for additional guidance (and signposting) if you would prefer to speak with a trained expert directly.

Training for you

“What signs would suggest a colleague or client is suicidal? How do you even ask if they are suicidal? If I talk or ask about suicide, will I put the idea in their head? Talking about suicide is too difficult, can we focus on mental health instead?”

OLLIE has a wealth of experience in answering all of these questions and more, developing and delivering suicide and mental health programmes of support and training to professionals across the globe.

We are dedicated to tailoring your training to meet your specific requirements and invite you to start a conversation with our team about your needs by contacting us here. Explore our extensive programme of training focused on suicide prevention, mental health, well-being and workplace bereavement here.

Training for those you support

Our wide range of talks, education and well-being activities can support EVERYONE and may play a useful role in your wider well-being plan to help those whom you support. Both our suicide prevention, mental health and well-being training sessions are open to the public, available online and fully funded for parents, carers, young people and anyone who needs a ticket. Should you wish to signpost those you support to our public programme, please guide them to our training pages. Should you wish to organise an in-house session, we’ll be very pleased to start a conversation about your needs.

Information and support

Prioritising your well-being can often take a backseat. At OLLIE, we understand the toll this can take on your team’s mental health. We champion meaningful self-care practices tailored to your unique needs. Whether you seek well-being talks, guidance for a Safe Plan, or a simple conversation with our team, we’re here to help. Your role may be to support others, but our mission is to support you. Let OLLIE be your partner in creating a workplace that values and nurtures your well-being. Your journey to a healthier, balanced work life can start with OLLIE.

If you have lost someone in your workplace to suicide, please accept OLLIE’s deepest condolences. Whilst no words can heal the ripple effect of heartbreak, we hope that these resources and organisations may help guide you, and those you are supporting, during this difficult time. Should you wish to invite OLLIE into your workplace to support your team to navigate their bereavement, we offer a guided workshop called Write to Release™ to guide colleagues through their grief.

Need a speaker?

Whether you are looking for a keynote speaker for your conference or someone for an informal discussion with your team, The OLLIE Foundation, as thought leaders in suicide prevention, can offer an expert who can engage in meaningful conversation, find out more.

Our speakers are available online and in person depending on location. To have a conversation about your needs with our team, contact us.

Fundraise for OLLIE

Organising a charity fundraising event can be such a rewarding experience! Fuelled with motivation to support a meaningful cause and brimming with ideas, it can still be tricky to know where to begin!

If your team are eager to get active, participating in national events is also incredibly easy. With just one click, OLLIE provides a myriad of national sporting events, spanning from triathlons to fun runs. We aim to streamline the process for your team by making fundraising fun, positive, and straightforward, which is why we’ve crafted a Fundraising Pack for you to download. Click here to access your digital pack and explore the many ways you can raise funds for OLLIE.

Volunteer with OLLIE

Volunteering isn’t just about making a difference, it’s an opportunity to boost your skills, mental well-being and overall life satisfaction. The NCVO shares inspiring stories of everyday heroes transforming lives through volunteering. At OLLIE we welcome flexible, ad hoc volunteering to suit your busy schedule.

From helping at events, planning fundraisers, tackling basic admin tasks or simply being on standby to donate your expertise, we very much welcome a conversation with you to find out how we can support each other.