At OLLIE, we understand the diverse needs of educational settings. We offer a tailored and holistic approach encompassing well-being, early prevention, intervention, and postvention services for both staff and students. Our off-the-peg sessions are comprehensive, but our dedicated team is always ready to craft bespoke solutions to meet your unique needs.

From nurturing a growth mindset to unravelling the intricacies of goal setting and addressing sensitive topics like self-harm and suicide, we provide engaging and innovative training and talks. Our sessions are available online and in-person, from primary through to university. In times of sudden loss, our ‘Write to Release’ session and guidance documents offer invaluable support.

The OLLIE Foundation provides schools, colleges and universities with comprehensive and expert support, suitable for staff, students and the wider community. Please contact us to explore how we can work together.

Support for Educators

Need help now?

If you believe a student or staff member is in crisis or feeling suicidal, get emergency help here.

Are you concerned about a student or colleague’s mental health? Have you noticed a deterioration in their well-being or a change in their behaviour that feels concerning?

You may want to reach out to them but are unsure what to say or worry that in saying anything, you might make the situation worse.

These concerns are very common. To support you with them there is some gentle guidance in our Help and Advice section and if you are short on time, our FAQs may be useful. Our Safe Plan can help guide your compassionate and potentially life-saving conversations.

During office hours, and if there isn’t an immediate threat to life, there is usually someone at OLLIE you can speak to for additional guidance (and signposting) if you would prefer to speak with someone. Please call us on 07715 311891

Training for students

Are you witnessing a decline in some students’ well-being, especially those languishing on waiting lists? Are you looking for additional support before their mental health deteriorates further?

OLLIE’s Curriculum of Hope will support students to consider their emotional health through a blend of well-being education, critical thinking, neuroscience and philosophical talks and activities, offering a range of empowering and highly transferable knowledge-based skills.

Our wide range of talks, education and well-being activities can support EVERYONE and can play a useful role in your wider wellbeing plan, supporting staff and students – those who are doing fine, as well as those who may be waiting for meaningful support to become available.

By sharing an overview of their internal physiological survival system, students are better able to understand not only how this automated system works, but how they can now work with it to harness, if not control, its energy, instead of having it control them.

For primary schools we have ‘Planting the Seed’, free to download here.

We will share tools and strategies that can support students through challenging times, leaving them confident to maintain strong boundaries to protect their mental health. OLLIE’s Curriculum of Hope promotes good mental health and for older students can include age-appropriate, sensitively presented suicide awareness talks.

Training for staff

OLLIE is proud to offer Mental Health First Aid, ASIST and Suicide First Aid, as well as our own adaptable, bespoke training that will leave staff feeling confident in their new knowledge and expertise and how to apply it.

Available online or in person, we provide comprehensive suicide prevention, intervention and postvention training, including practical workshops on how to create a Prescription Safe Plan, through to talks that uncover current staff well-being levels and tools to ensure good mental health can be maintained.

Check out our resources, including videos highlighting the risk and protective factors of suicide.

Our range of accredited and CPD courses has you covered. Contact OLLIE today to discuss your training needs.

Training for parents and carers

Schools working with OLLIE value the fully funded range of online training their students’ parents and carers can access, ensuring that the wider school community has access to the same well-being support, knowledge and skill development.

This whole school approach to well-being and suicide prevention extends our reach and cascades critical learning across the community. With fully accessible online events and training, from mindful drawing to suicide prevention, families can share a personal health curriculum from the comfort of their homes.

Information and support

Anyone starting antidepressants will ideally have been supported with their decision such that they are aware how their medication works, how it should be used, and also the potential side-effects. Although side-effects can impact anyone, patients under the age of 30 are statistically at higher risk, which for a small group of people can include a further reduction in their wellbeing and for some of those, that will include suicidal ideation. Not despite their medication, because of it!

Our unique awareness and education training supports both professionals and patients consider how we navigate our way through this such that patients can be confident in their medication, and what to do should their wellbeing deteriorate (for any reason) whilst using antidepressants.

Even if a health professional has not introduced a patient to a prescription safe-plan, schools counsellors and wellbeing teams can. To learn more here, and help keep your students safe from Iatrogenic harm.

If you are looking for actionable, relevant and innovative wellbeing talks to help parents and students consider how they maintain or manage their well-being whilst studying at university, please look at our range of transition talks here.

At OLLIE, we understand the challenges you face as a head teacher, wellbeing lead, or support staff during difficult times. Whether supporting a student in crisis or dealing with the aftermath of a tragedy, we’re here to listen, provide guidance, and share our expertise. While not a crisis line, a direct phone call with us can leave you more confident in resolving the challenges you’re facing with compassion and care.

Together with Tooled Up Education, we have co-written a Guidance for Educational Settings Following a Suicide or Sudden Death. This guide is designed as a comprehensive, evidence based resource for your setting to turn to in the tragic event of suicide or sudden death in your community. You can use this resource to plan and inform a clear suicide response strategy or as a crisis document to refer to if needed. This is known as suicide postvention. Download your 90 page guide for free today.

If you are bereaved by suicide please accept OLLIE’s deepest condolences. Whilst no words can heal your heartbreak, we hope that these resources and organisations may help guide you, and those you are supporting, during this difficult time.

We host the work of Jenny Ford, Write to Release offering bespoke grief workshops for small groups; work colleagues; school students or families who have lost someone close, regardless of how they died. Should you wish to find out more about how this workshop could support your community, please contact us.

We occasionally run grief cafes, offering peer to peer support for those who have been bereaved. If scheduled, upcoming grief cafes will be found on our events page.

Please do feel free to contact with the team should you wish to talk about your bereavement and how we can support you and your community at this difficult time.

The Oli Leigh Bursary

In partnership with The Oli Leigh Trust, who have created a schools’ bursary, OLLIE is able to offer a range of fully funded training to support well-being and reduce the incidence of suicide. The bursary covers the cost of specific training, detailed here, for schools, colleges, and universities to access OLLIE’s range of life-saving talks and training.

Need a speaker?

Whether you are looking to inspire a year group to champion a charity or to launch a well-being week, The OLLIE Foundation can support your setting either virtually or in person with awareness talks or presentations, tailored to suit your needs. Please contact us for more information.

Fundraising for OLLIE

Arranging a fundraiser for a charity is scary yet exhilarating! You’re full of motivation to support an important cause and full of ideas of what you want to do, but where do you start? We want to make the experience as fun, positive and straightforward as possible, which is why we’ve created our fundraising packs. To download your digital fundraising pack or individual items, follow the link.

Get Involved

Join our youth advisory board

Students  aged 18+ can make a meaningful impact and gain valuable insights by joining the OLLIE Youth Advisory Board. OLLIE invites young adults and teens to share concerns, contribute to important discussions, provide valuable advice on topics and champion good mental health in their communities.

Contact us to express your interest in joining the board.