Friends and family

If you are worried about someone you know and need guidance on how to reach out to them, or perhaps you would like to know more about how you might support someone struggling with life, we can help you. We offer guidance, awareness talks and training that will give you a deeper understanding as well as practical tools and skills that will support compassionate and potentially lifesaving conversations.

Support for friends and family

Need help now?

If the person you are concerned about is in crisis or feeling suicidal you can get emergency help here.

If there isn’t an immediate threat to life, and for non-urgent concerns, our Help and Advice section, in particular the FAQs, may provide support and help you to help someone in distress.


The OLLIE Foundation provides a wide selection of talks and training to support you to support someone you care about, AND, because supporting others can be a lot to juggle, we will show you how to look after your own well-being too.

Taking time to check in on someone or asking someone if they are ok, does not mean you have to fix anything, and it doesn’t mean you are signing up to be on call 24/7.

Let us show you how to stand in the rain of someone’s storm with a person you are worried about. That’s really all intervention work is – seeing there is a storm and being willing to stand in it too.

Information and support

Our heartfelt condolences go out to you if you have been bereaved by suicide. Whilst no words can heal your heartbreak, we hope that these resources and organisations may help guide you, and those you are supporting, during this difficult time.

Would you like to get involved with OLLIE?

The generosity of the public as well as private organisations, undoubtedly allows us to reach more people. Donations mean we can offer more awareness talks, well-being events and training. Donations allow us to continue offering fully funded places to parents and students so they can attend any and all of our ‘open’ sessions!

If you can help us continue to support those in need by fundraising or volunteering with OLLIE, we would love to hear from you.