Parents and Carers

When your child (no matter their age) feels distressed, overwhelmed, or sad, chances are you do too, and we know that navigating the available support can be both daunting and isolating.

If you are also worried that your child may be self-harming or having thoughts of suicide, you may find yourself walking on eggshells, not sure what to say. At Team OLLIE, we know how delicate you and they are feeling right now, and we are here to support you. OLLIE can signpost you to immediate help and guide you through some useful resources and/or training that may feel helpful.

Support for Parents and Carers

Need help now?

If you believe your child is in crisis or feeling suicidal get emergency help here.

If your gut instinct is that something is wrong, trust it. You know your child better than anyone. If your child has shared that they’re feeling suicidal, or have acted on those thoughts, as difficult as it might be, they need you to stay as calm as possible and think for them. If you want some help and advice on how to talk with them, OLLIE provides some gentle guidance in the Help and Advice section and in particular, these FAQs may feel useful. During office hours, and if there isn’t an immediate threat to life, there is usually someone at OLLIE that you can speak to, too!


OLLIE’s training is designed to be both highly relevant as well as actionable for parents and carers, providing you with additional skills and knowledge to understand what might help in your situation and what other help is available.

From mindful drawing classes, talks exploring the neuroscience of emotion and stress, through to prescription safe plans, suicide prevention, intervention and postvention support, OLLIE is here to help. Our online talks and training sessions are always fully funded for parents and carers.

From 90 minutes awareness and well-being talks to 2 day certification courses, we have you covered.

Information and support

Anyone starting antidepressants will ideally have been supported with their decision and made aware how their medication works, how they should be used, and also made aware of the potential side-effects. If the patient is under 30, they are statistically at higher risk of experiencing side-effects, which for a small group of people can include a further reduction in their wellbeing temporarily and for some of those, that could include suicidal ideation. To learn more and to discover how to use a Prescription Safe-Plan, to help keep them safe during this period, please click here.

We empathise with the concerns and heartfelt care you have for your child’s well-being. As a parent or carer, your desire for a profound understanding of how to best support your child, regardless of their age, is understandable.

In our resources page, we are curating a collection of valuable guides designed to assist you on this journey. Additionally, we offer a free Safe Plan for you to download, providing a practical tool to aid in ensuring your child’s safety and well-being. Our recommended reads delve into insightful literature that can offer guidance and perspective, helping you to navigate the complexities of parenting. There is also other help available in  Signposting to support.

Understanding that each child is unique, we also provide signposting to both national and local organisations that also specialise in supporting families. These organisations may offer further assistance, providing a network of professionals and resources to address your specific concerns.

Please do check back to the resources page as we hope to see it grows alongside our work and research.

Your child has survived a suicide attempt or, resisted overwhelming thoughts that made them feel that they needed to end their life. If they have been assessed and were deemed mentally ill and at high risk, they may have been invited to an in-care facility, but more likely they have returned to the family home. You are in shock and may be wondering what on earth happens next. For support and guidance please click here.

If you are bereaved by suicide please accept OLLIE’s deepest condolences. Whilst no words can heal your heartbreak, we hope that these resources and organisations may help guide you, and those you are supporting, during this difficult time.

As a Foundation that educates others about suicide, we know that being bereaved by suicide will, by default, create risk for some of those who have been bereaved. Whilst we aren’t bereavement experts, we are comfortable talking about death, grief, and the pain of losing a loved one or someone we know. We create spaces where it’s ok to talk openly about death, such as at our grief cafes and we offer an online memorial page as a place of remembrance and reflection.  We also offer a free-to-download resource for educational settings on how to manage and respond to a sudden death.

If you would like further bereavement support or guidance, please feel free to contact us and one of our team will do their best to support you.


To support you and your family’s well-being, OLLIE runs a range of both virtual and in-person events and activities across the year. You’ll find a list of upcoming events here, from mindful art sessions, outdoor crafting, gardening and growing food in our community garden, to panel discussions with world class speakers and academics. We look forward to welcoming you to one of our events soon.

Parent Advisory Board

OLLIE’s Parent Advisory Board is made up of parents and guardians who are happy to represent the views and experiences of parents and families whose children have experienced emotional overwhelm and/or suicidal thoughts. Members play a vital role in helping OLLIE drive forward improvements and change, and allow us to offer meaningful support to our community.

If you are looking for a way to make a difference whilst also gaining valuable insight and experience, please do consider donating your time and joining the OLLIE Parent Advisory Board. Click here for more information.

Would you like to get involved with OLLIE?

The generosity of the public as well as private organisations, undoubtedly allows us to reach more people. Donations mean we can offer more awareness talks, well-being events and training. Donations allow us to continue offering fully funded places to parents and students so they can attend any and all of our ‘open’ sessions!

If you can help us continue to support those in need by fundraising or volunteering with OLLIE, we would love to hear from you.