Professionals with a duty of care

As a professional with a duty of care for another person, we understand your need to effectively manage challenging conversations to ensure the safety of someone at risk of suicide or self harm. OLLIE can provide you with a programme of training, events, talks and webinars to support your practice and reaffirm your understanding of both the risk and protective factors surrounding suicide and mental health.

Support for professionals with a duty of care

Need help now?

If you believe someone you are supporting is in crisis or feeling suicidal, get emergency help here.

If you have concerns about someone’s well-being or behaviour and feel they are at risk of harming themselves, OLLIE’s resources in our Help and Advice section can guide your supportive and sensitive conversations to ensure those you are supporting are safe for now. If you are short for time, take a look at our FAQs to guide you through potentially life- saving conversations

During office hours, and if there isn’t an immediate threat to life, there is usually someone at OLLIE you can call for additional guidance (and signposting) if you would prefer to speak with someone.

Training for you

OLLIE has a wealth of experience in developing and delivering suicide and mental health programmes of support and training to professionals across the globe.

We are dedicated to tailoring your training to meet your specific requirements and invite you to start a conversation with our team about your needs by contacting us here. Explore our extensive programme of training focused on suicide prevention,mental health, wellbeing and bereavement here.

Training for those you support

Our wide range of talks, education and well-being activities can support EVERYONE and may play a useful role in your wider well-being plan to help those who you support. Both our suicide prevention, mental health and well-being training sessions are open to the public, available online and fully funded for parents, carers, young people and anyone for whom finance is a barrier.

Should you wish to signpost those you support to our public programme, please guide them to our training pages. Should you wish to organise an inhouse session, we’ll be very pleased to start a conversation about your needs.

Information and support

At OLLIE, we understand some of the challenges you face as a professional with a duty of care during difficult times. Whether supporting a client or patient in crisis or dealing with the aftermath of a tragedy, we’re here to listen, provide guidance, and share our expertise. While not a crisis line, a direct phone call with us can leave you more confident in resolving the challenges you’re facing with compassion and care. Contact OLLIE today.

Within your role of caring for others, it’s not uncommon for your own wellbeing to deteriorate, leading to experiences of compassion fatigue or moral injury. These are remnants of a career dedicated to supporting others often at the expense of your own mental health. At OLLIE we empathise with this challenge and advocate for meaningful self care practices. Whether you are interested in well-being talks or would like guidance to create a safe plan or would simply engaging in a conversation with our team, we are here to help design support that aligns with your unique needs.

If you have lost someone in your workplace to suicide, please accept OLLIE’s deepest condolences. Whilst no words can heal the ripple effect of heartbreak, we hope that these resources and organisations may help guide you, and those you are supporting, during this difficult time. Should you wish to invite OLLIE in to your workplace to support your team’s bereavement, we offer a guided workshop called Write to Release™ to guide you through grief.

The following resources may be of help at this challenging time.

Need a speaker?

Whether you are looking for a keynote speaker for your conference or someone for an informal discussion with your team, The OLLIE Foundation as thought leaders in suicide prevention can offer an expert who can engage in meaningful conversation, find out more.

Our speakers are available online and in person depending on location. To have a conversation about your needs with the team, contact us.

Fundraise for OLLIE

Arranging a fundraiser for a charity is can be exhilarating! You’re full of motivation to support an important cause and full of ideas of what you want to do, but where do you start? We want to make the experience as fun, positive and straightforward as possible, which is why we’ve created our fundraising packs. Click here download your digital fundraising pack and find out ways you can raise funds.

As a professional who has worked with young people’s mental and physical health for over 25 years, I cannot thank The OLLIE Foundation enough. They provide a vital service in a key area. Where previous to being able to signpost people directly to OLLIE , there was a significant gap in how to confidently support young people with suicide prevention. It is such a relief from a professional perspective to know that I can make sure anyone who is struggling has somewhere they can go, where there is a specialist, accessible and necessary provision that provides support and training not only just for the young person, but their families and all other professionals that may be somehow linked or connected to working with suicide prevention.

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