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World Suicide Prevention Day 2018

As we begin to approach September it’s important to remember that on the 10th the world will be uniting to recognise and commit to working towards suicide prevention. The theme for 2018 is “Working Together to Prevent Suicide”. It seems fitting therefore that OLLIE will be spending the 10th in The Luton Mall. The day will be part of The Mall’s Community Mental Wellbeing Days but with a focus on suicide.
Due to the nature of OLLIE’s work we come in to contact with a large number of people that have their own sad stories about their experiences of suicide, but at the same time it means we are privileged enough to meet and work with some truly inspirational people.
Cue Sherene Bryan and her mother Anneth Bryan. When Sherene was 12 her father died by suicide and it was Sherene that found him. Following this traumatic experience, she was never offered any support outside of her family. Therefore, she had to find my own ways to cope and recover. Based on her own experiences, her mission is to stay sane and help others do the same. One of the ways which she does this is through her website and blog Wide Eyed Mummy (this blog is no longer available).
Anneth is director of Well Springs which she set up with the sole purpose of providing various person-centered social work related activities, including counselling, advice and mediation to the general public. Anneth also is a restorative justice expert offering training in restorative justice approaches.

For WSPD they are coming together under the campaign #OnItsHead.  The message behind this campaign is placing the stigma of mental illness and suicide #OnItsHead to prevent more lives from being turned upside down.

Given this years theme for WSPD it seems only fitting that OLLIE, The Mall and as many other organisations as possible come together to help our community understand how they can join us in working to prevent suicide.
That’s why on September 10th you’ll find OLLIE, Sherene, Anneth, The Mall employees and hopefully others in Central Square shining a spotlight on suicide. We will have a range of activities enabling the public to get involved with this campaign and how they can start actively working to prevent suicide in their communities.
If you want to find out more about what’s happening for WSPD here.

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