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The OLLIE Foundation charity

Ever wondered about the story behind our charity, why it came into existence, and how our mission fuels our work?

Founders and trustees

Explore the roots of the Founders’ mission in compassion and a strong desire for change and the inspiring individuals on our Trustees’ board

Our team

Curious to meet the faces driving the initiatives at OLLIE? Want to know more about the dedicated team behind our work?

Get involved

Find ways to support OLLIE—whether through donating, fundraising, or volunteering. Learn how your contribution, big or small, can make a meaningful impact on our mission and the lives we touch.

The Oli Leigh Legacy Programme

The Oli Leigh Legacy Programme is a bursary fund for educational settings who want to access our training but currently don’t have the budget to do so.

Always in our thoughts

OLLIE’s memorial page is a space of remembrance, honouring those we’ve lost.

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