Founders and trustees

Meet the dynamic team behind The OLLIE Foundation, whose unwavering commitment, expressed through voluntary efforts, aids the foundation of OLLIE’s resilience and long-term success. Explore the profound stories and strategic minds that help shape OLLIE’s mission.

OLLIE’s Founders

OLLIE’s Founders are three very different individuals. Successful and loving parents in their own ways, their lives have been changed forever following the loss of their children.

OLLIE’s trustees

OLLIE’s Trustees are instrumental in providing strategic direction, governance, and vigilant oversight. Leveraging a wealth of diverse expertise, they enrich the organisation with varied perspectives and skills. Their unwavering commitment and voluntary efforts are fundamental to OLLIE’s effectiveness and long-term resilience.

OLLIE Foundation Trustee

Graham Perrin

Chair of the Board / Business Consultant

OLLE Foundation Trustee

Anthony Federer

Chartered Accountant / Partner at Rayner Essex

OLLIE Foundation Trustee

Leigh Head

Trustee / Partner at Sherrards Solicitors

OLLIE Foundation Trustee

Bonnie Singh

Trustee / Adult and Young People’s Psychodynamic Therapist